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Top 5 Places to Eat in Downtown Chicago

Top 5 Places to Eat in Downtown Chicago

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Visiting the Windy City soon? Learn where to eat in Chicago with this list of the best food places to visit in the city’s downtown area.

Best Food in Chicago

We celebrated our 8th Anniversary by spending three days in Chicago. Before our trip to the city, we spent much time reading reviews and taking recommendations from friends on places to eat.

Chicago is well known for its food scene and narrowing down where to get your meal in the bustling city can get a bit overwhelming.

Here is a list of 5 places to eat in downtown Chicago

Places to Eat in Chicago

1. Gino’s East for Chicago Deep Dish Pizza

Because you can’t visit Chicago and not try a deep-dish pizza, we spent lots of time reading reviews and asking friends for their recommendations of pizza spots in Chicago.

After much consideration, we decided to experience deep dish pizza in Chicago from Gino’s East. It was gooey, flavorful, and amazing!

It is my understanding that each deep dish pizza is made fresh and takes 45 minutes to prepare.

For this reason, we ordered the pizza and had it delivered to us at our hotel. With only 3 days to experience Chicago, we preferred not to spend much time waiting at restaurants.

2. Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth at Doughnut Vault

Fried dough is a big deal in Chicago. The city is home to several well-loved donut shops but we could only try one.

We made our way to Doughnut Vault, where we grabbed several of their most popular donuts. It was well worth our time. Stop here to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Places to eat in Chicago Doughnut Vault

3. Have Brunch at Wildberry Cafe

Do brunch at Wildberry Cafe and be sure to try the pancakes. This place has rave reviews and definitely lives up to the hype.

Check out the video below to see Wildberry Cafe featured on Chicago’s Best.

4. Portillo’s for Lunch

Portillo’s is THE SPOT for Chicago-style hot dogs, however, we opted for their Italian Beef sandwich. It was fantastic!

places to eat Chicago Portillo's

5. Fine Dine at Allium Chicago

Looking for ambiance, great service, and fresh taste? Do not overlook Allium Chicago.

Located on the seventh floor of The Four Seasons Hotel, Allium is the perfect restaurant for a romantic meal quality meal.

Allium Chicago
Allium Chicago: photo via


Bonus: Nutella!

Magnificent Mile is where you can find the world’s first official Nutella Cafe.

Stop in for a cup of Nutella hot chocolate. It is different from any hot chocolate you’ve ever known and I can not wait to go back to Chicago to have another cup!

They also offer French and Italian-inspired breakfast items, sandwiches, salads, and desserts along with an espresso bar.

Best Places to Eat in Chicago

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  1. karen says:

    i want to visit Chicago just for some deep dish pizza. We dont have too many of those places around me.

  2. I love Chicago and all the amazing tastes! I have never been to any of these restaurants so I will have to give them a try next time I am in town.

  3. Denise says:

    I have been at Dino’s on my last visit to Chicago and yeeeeeeessss, I loved it. thanks for these i will make sure to check out a couple of the others when I go back.

  4. So many tasty options! Trying out the local foods is my favorite part of traveling!

  5. Oh…Portillo‚Äôs…how I miss stops here! I never thought I would miss a hot dog so much, but if you’ve eaten here you will understand. Thanks for the great list!

  6. Lauren says:

    Such a fun article! My husband and I went to Chicago a few years ago and had a blast!!

  7. Emily says:

    Aw man, I was hoping for a shot of the classic Chicago Hot Dog!

    All of these look amazing and delivery deep dish is definitely the way to go when you’re traveling sometimes! My husband and I went to Charleston in November and one of the best meals we had was actually the take out BBQ because we were both so tired by the end of the trip we didn’t want to go out!

  8. Donuts AND Nutella! Mmmmm!! Chicago is definitely on our bucket list! Thanks for some recommendations!