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The Best Learning Toys and Games for Young Kids

The Best Learning Toys and Games for Young Kids

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With only one week until Christmas day, I am sharing a round-up of learning toys and games for elementary-aged kids.

Whether you are a last-minute shopper looking for helpful gift guides or a mom who is looking for the best learning toys for your children, I think you will enjoy this list.

Because I don’t prefer to have a ton of novelty toys in our home, I am always looking to make the most of all of our toy purchases by getting toys and games that encourage learning and skill-building of all sorts.

Here is a roundup of learning toys and games that are our favorites or currently on our wishlist!

The toys on this list encourage imagination and pretend play, cognitive development, problem-solving and more.

They are highly rated for quality and serving their purpose.

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STEAM-Related Toys

Snap Circuits Classic is the perfect learning toy for hands-on learners.

Snap Circuits Junior is an electronics exploration kit that allows children to build over 100 different electronic circuit projects.

As a result of there being such a wide variety of circuit projects to build, this is a kit that you can get years of use out of.

Children will act like engineers as they work to construct the marble run track.

This wooden construction building set includes building plans for a crane, motorcycle, airplane, and race car for children to enjoy.

My children play with Legos nearly every day.

Building Legos with Legos allows children to practice patience, organization, and creativity.

Pretend Play

The Learning Resource cash register is a well-built and designed pretend register that allows children to practice their mathematical skills.

I have watched my children enjoy playing with this toy in many ways.

Who said learning U.S. geography was boring? 

The Scrambled States is a fun geography game that helps you learn the US states, capitals, and other fun facts with little effort.

Quirkle is a fun strategy game for elementary-aged children.

They will need to exercise their attentiveness and strategize to win.

A fun game for young children, Sequence For Kids is an excellent game for children to play.

I understand that there are many new variations of Monopoly, but we play the original version of the game with our young children all the time.

This is a great game to encourage financial literacy, fundamental math skills, critical thinking, and more.

The game is also fun when played with a competitive group of people.

Magnetic Toys

Magnets are a great option if you have a child who enjoys building things. I’ve noticed that they encourage curiosity about the physical world around my children. With magnets, children can create flat or 3-D objects.

Magformers are another great STEM toy that children will love.

My children love using these magnetic building blocks to build whatever they can imagine.

They come with pictorial instructions for several building projects.

Similar to Legos, the more magnets you have, the more opportunities there are to build cool things.

Children can build high, wide, big, and small structures using Magna-Tiles.

The more tiles you have in your collection, of course, the more opportunities children will have to build.

Geo Puzzles are an excellent resource for kids to learn about the world’s continents, countries, states, and oceans.

Not only are they a great activity for children but my husband and I have benefited from assembling the Geo Puzzles.

We have even set a timer and made a little competition of who can assemble a particular country the fastest.

Children of all ages will enjoy working with Tangrams.

They will complete puzzles by rotating and flipping the shapes.

Zingo: A perfect game for beginning readers, helping children to recognize and recall words in a fun way! 

Cover Your Assets is easy to learn and fun to play—an excellent game for family game nights.

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  2. adriana says:

    These are all such awesome gift ideas for the kids!

  3. Kaycee says:

    I don’t have school aged kids, but these toys look awesome! I love toys that are also good “learning” games.

  4. These are great! I don’t have kids but I work with them (I’m a children’s librarian) and we have a small selection of STEM toys. We have those snap circuits and the kids love them – plus it’s amazing to see all the things they can do with them!

  5. Beth says:

    These look like great toys. My kids had that cash register and it was wonderful.

  6. clare says:

    ashley every one of these are fantastic picks. i especially love the magformers. they make me wonder if my five year old will grow up to be an architect one day like her uncle. xx