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Outdoor Toys That Motivate Kids to Play Outside

Outdoor Toys That Motivate Kids to Play Outside

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I can hardly believe the first Spring of the new decade is already approaching. It’s time to get outdoors and enjoy the beautiful sunshine.

For most, springtime is the time for cleaning, purging old toys, and renewal. Ahead of summer, I am sharing some of my favorite outdoor toys to have on hand to motivate kids to play outside.

Motivate Kids to Play Outside

Times Have Changed

I remember playing outside for hours on end as a kid. I’d play until the street lights came on. I did not have a swing set, trampoline, or an acre lot to run around. Yet, my sibling and I could easily find something fun to do while outside. Sometimes it was climbing a tree and other times it was having a foot race.

Kids No Longer Playing Outside?

Has your kid ever asked to go outside and play? You let them out into the yard. Then, they return to the door 2 minutes after actually being outside. Maybe your child complains of boredom or is simply unenthused when going outside to play.

As a mom, I’ve learned that some children need a little more motivation than others to get outside and play. One of my children would only play outside if I or dad were playing with them.

I have another child who thinks a bead of sweat on his forehead is a sign of danger. I can hear him now. “Mom, we need to come inside because I am sweating!”

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Motivate Kids to Play Outside With Toys and Equipment

A giant bubbles kit, yard games, water toys, and hammocks are some of the best outdoor toys to motivate kids to play outside.

They can be used for day-to-day play and or as entertainment for your next party or playdate. We personally have or have used the items on this list. We’ve enjoyed them tremendously throughout the years. 

Amazing Outdoor Toys for Kids

STEAM Toys for Outdoors

STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math. Learn more about STEM and STEAM-related toys from The Toy Association.

Outdoor Water Toys

The best water toys to have for outdoor water play.

Best Outdoor Swings

Outdoor Games

Balls and Sport Toys

Outdoor Toy Storage

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Outdoor Toys That Motivate Kids to Play Outside

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