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Children’s Books About Bears for Preschoolers

Children’s Books About Bears for Preschoolers

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B is for Berries and B is for Bears! Today’s post is all about children’s books about bears. And some about bears and berries.

We recently completed reading The House at Pooh Corner in our homeschool. While reading the story, my 4-year-old found a new love for fictional bears. He has long loved Corduroy and The Berenstein Bears. He even sleeps with his stuffed Corduroy faithfully.

With that in mind, I started a sort of unit study around the letter B for bears and berries. We read so many delightful books about bears and or berries that I wanted to share a list of our favorites with you.

I hope that you will enjoy reading these stories while snacking on berries as much as we did.

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Delightful Children’s Books About Bears

Blueberries for Sal

Kuplink, kuplank, kuplunk! Blueberries for Sal follows Sal and her mother on Blueberry Hill as they pick blueberries to preserve for winter when they run into a mother bear and her cub also picking berries.

A Caldecott Honor Book, Blueberries for Sal is a sweet read-aloud for young children everywhere.

Stella and the Berry Thief

Stella and the Berry Thief is a sweet bear-themed book for children. It is a charming story that presents teachable moments about kindness and sharing.

One summer day, the berries in Stella’s garden start to go missing. Stella exercises a few clever means to find who has been stealing her berries. To her surprise, she discovers the thief is a massive bear.


Packed with alliteration, rhymes, and whimsical illustrations, Jamberry is a fun bear-themed book for preschoolers and toddlers.  Though at times tongue-twisting, children will enjoy the charisma in this book.

The Bear Went Over the Mountain

The Bear Went Over the Mountain to see what he could see. This book is a fun adventure of a bear exploring his five senses. Pay close attention to the illustrations and you’ll notice the bear is also exploring the four seasons. A sweet book for preschool-aged children.

White is for Blueberry

White is for Blueberry is a concept book that will have young readers thinking ahead. Its unpredictable and lively illustrations make it a delightful book that both children and adults will love.

White is for Blueberry has a clever and unique way of teaching color. On every page, color is presented, however, when you flip the page, it is not what you would expect. A step up from the common water is blue and bananas are yellow, this book is a sweet gem.

We’re Going on A Bear Hunt

Honestly, our whole house has this story committed to memory and we don’t even need to grab the book anymore. We also love to watch the narration of the book. Check it out below.

The Berenstein Bears Bedtime Story

The Berenstein Bears Bedtime Story follows the bear family as Mama and Papa get the cubs prepared for bed. I have been reading this story to my children since I became a mom. Still, my children are captivated every time we read this sweet book.

Ask Mr. Bear

Ask Mr. Bear is a cute book published during the great depression. Danny is on a quest to find the perfect birthday gift for his mother. He goes from farm animal to farm animal asking if they have something he can give his mother. It isn’t until he asks Mr. Bear that he finds that perfect gift.

The House At Pooh Corner

Loved by readers young and old, The House At Pooh Corner is a wonderful read-aloud.


Loved by many, Corduroy is a heart-warming classic picture book. I also recommended Corduroy in my list of Children’s Books with Black Main Characters.

The Biggest Bear

The Biggest Bear was first published in 1952. Written by Lyn Ward, it is the well-written story of a little boy who goes hunting for a bearskin to hang but instead returns home with an unexpected friend.

Jesse Bear, What Will You Wear?

What child can resist a rhyming story? Jesse Bear What Will You Wear is a childhood favorite for many. Perfect for preschool-aged children, the book addresses proper dress, cause and effect, parts of a day, and more as it follows a cub throughout his day.

Books about bears for preschool

Basil Bear and the Honey Jar Disaster

In Basil Bear and the Honey Jar Disaster, Basil Bear finds himself in a sticky situation when he disregards and disobeys his mama’s instructions. As sweet as he is, even Basil has to learn and experience consequences.

children's books about bears

Basil Bear and the Orchard Mystery

In Basil Bear and the Orchard Mystery. Basil has to learn the consequences and fallout of telling half-truths. This book was gifted to my children by a friend and I can only find it available online here. Basil Bear and the Orchard Mystery is a fun story that teaches children about honesty and deceit.

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Picture Books About Bears and Berries

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