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Fun Math Practice for Little Learners

Fun Math Practice for Little Learners

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Here are 5 ways to add fun math practice to your homeschool. Learn about the splash math program

I am always looking for fun ways to practice math and so I am happy to share this post with you today.

Currently, we are wrapping up this homeschool year and preparing for the next school year. As I think about how our year has gone, it makes me pretty excited that math has been one of my kindergartener’s favorite subjects this year. With that in consideration, here are 5 ways we incorporate fun math practice in our homeschool.

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1. Go Digital: Splash Math for Homeschoolers

Splash Math is a complete Kindergarten through 5th-grade math learning program for kids. The goal of Splash Math for Homeschoolers is to boost a child’s confidence in their math skills. The program is great because it uses interactive games and rewards to keep children motivated in learning math skills and improving their scores. So far, this program is the only online-based program we use in our homeschool. As a result of the program being computer-based, my kid gets to familiarize himself with using a mouse and keyboard. This is a little added bonus.

Additionally, my kid is particularly excited about his math lessons because he enjoys using a computer and earning the splash math rewards for completing the lessons. When doing the splash math lessons he’ll comment about how much he enjoys the program.

I highly suggest you visit Splash Math and try their program FREE. For more information about Splash Math for Homeschoolers click here. Learn more about Splash Math Games. If you are interested in signing up for program their prices are as follows:

  • Monthly – $9.99
  • Quarterly – $23.99
  • Yearly – $59.99
  • Family (Up to 3 Children) – $99 (Annual)

Here are 5 ways to add fun math practice to your homeschool. Learn about the splash math program

2. Fun Math Skills Practice with Games

Uno, Monopoly, and Sequence Numbers are examples of great games that provide fun and an opportunity for young children to practice some math skills. Other games include bingo and matching games. We use RightStart Mathematics because like Splash Math it uses games to teach math concepts.

3. Use Manipulatives for Fun Math Activities

Here are 5 ways to add fun math practice to your homeschool. Learn about the splash math program
A few of our favorite math manipulatives

Manipulatives are physical objects that are used as teaching tools for mathematics. I am a tactile learner. My son is a tactile learner. For this reason, we love manipulatives for math. The manipulatives you use to introduce or practice a math concept can vary greatly. You can use something as simple as dry beans or a sophisticated geometry reflector to explore symmetry. Some of our favorite math manipulatives to use are popsicle sticks (used as tally marks), an abacus, and base 10 cards.

4. Make it Practical

The next fun way to practice math skills with young children is by pointing out the math skills we use in everyday life. I believe it is important that children not think of math as a pencil to paper. Do your children enjoy helping in the kitchen? The next time you are measuring ingredients, take a minute to demonstrate to the child math skills apply when preparing a recipe. For example, you could talk about doubling or halving a recipe. Another great opportunity to incorporate a little math fun in everyday life is when you’re in the supermarket. I like to have my children look at and name the prices that are displayed in the store. We also take advantage of the scale that can usually be found near the produce in most supermarkets. I let them place items on the scale and we compare and contrast their weights.

5. Role Play for Math Skills Practice

Finally, a fun way to have children practice their math skills is to engage in role-playing. Some ideas include having the child pretend to be a chef, banker, builder, or a teacher. Children can pretend to be any of these roles and practice counting, measuring, chart-making, in a fun and relaxed manner.

Here are 5 ways to add fun math practice to your homeschool. Learn about the splash math program

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