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Beautiful Feet Books Review: Early American History

Beautiful Feet Books Review: Early American History

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Beautiful Feet Books Early American History

Beautiful Feet Books Review: Early American History Curriculum Review

This post is sponsored by Beautiful Feet Books. All opinions are mine. This post may contain affiliate links. 

It’s no secret that we embrace the Charlotte Mason approach to learning in our homeschool. That is, we love learning through living books. For this reason and others, Beautiful Feet Books has been on my wishlist since I first heard of their curriculum several years ago.

Why the wait? My oldest was just 3 years old and while I was thrilled about Beautiful Feet Books I restrained myself from investing in a full history curriculum for a 3-year-old.

Fast forward to now. We’ve started our first official year of formal lessons as my oldest is now 6. Beautiful Feet Books was my first choice for a history and geography curriculum.

beautiful feet books review

We are currently using their Early American History Primary Jumbo Pack and I could not be more pleased with this curriculum. The quality of the books and materials themselves, the learning style, and the schedule have all exceeded my expectations. I find this curriculum to be both engaging and effective. I have learned things I never knew, my children are enthused about learning history, and my toddler can sit in on our lessons being that they are literature-based.

Beautiful Feet Books Early American History Literature Pack


Beautiful Feet Books: Early American History Jumbo Literature Pack

The Early American History Primary Jumbo pack comes with all the books you need to teach American History from grades K through 3.  It also includes 4 CDs and a composition book for your students. In addition to the physical items you receive with the Early American History Primary Jumbo Pack, Beautiful Feet Books provides coloring pages in the form of downloadable PDFs. You can download the coloring pages from the BF Books website and use them with the lessons.

Beautiful Feet Books American History Coloring Pages
Doing a little water coloring using the downloadable coloring pages from BF Books


Beautiful Feet Books: The Approach

Each lesson is short and simple. I don’t want to understate how much is being learned through each sweet lesson. Each lesson is well-thought-out and consists of thought-provoking ideas and discussion. The study guide uses a gentle approach. It opens with tips on how to use it. There are options for a 1 or 2-year program.

We are currently on the 1-year program, which equals 3 lessons per week. This is a perfect curriculum for those who prefer flexibility in their homeschool. To learn more about Beautiful Feet Books check out the video below.

Beautiful Feet Books Early American History Literature Pack review

Beautiful Feet Books: The Books

I happen to have a serious thing for living books! However, even with that considered, I think it’s reasonable to say that it would be hard for anyone not to adore the books that come with the literature pack. They contain beautiful illustrations and rich literature.

Initially, I planned to only use this curriculum with my 6-year-old but to my delight, my 5 and 3-year-old both enjoy sitting in on our lessons. They enjoy hearing the stories, completing the coloring pages, and engaging in discussions about figures from history, geography, character, scripture or whatever topic our lesson may lead us to.

Beautiful Feet Books Curriculum Review

My children request to read the D’aularie books for leisure. They also easily retain many facts about history, geography, character, and scripture. We look forward to hearing and learning new words as we read the stories. I love that the literature is rich.

This curriculum exposes my kids to new words, concepts, and ideas. I see how this constant exposure to new vocabulary bolsters their ability to grasp and interpret new ideas. The approach of the BF curriculum makes learning history fun and natural.

Beautiful Feet Books History

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  1. Ariel says:

    I don’t currently have kids but I would love to use these since I want to homeschool my kids. Thank you so much for this beautiful blog and information!

  2. Crystal says:

    Great review! I’m trying to convince my daughter to homeschool her son when he gets a bit older. I’ll pass this information on to her, and to my homeschooling friends. I love anything that makes history come alive!

  3. Tatyana Gray says:

    Wow… looks like a great curriculum for American history. We’re doing a hybrid Charlotte Mason approach and using a different US history curriculum now. But it also includes living books as part of it, and my son is thoroughly enjoying the stories.

    We’ll have to check out Beautiful Feet Books for our subsequent years!