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Five In A Row: The Story About Ping

Five In A Row: The Story About Ping

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Looking for a quality children’s book to add to your home library or gift to a loved one? Learn all about why we love The Story About Ping.

The Story About Ping

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I am sharing the activities and learning opportunities we shared while reading The Story About Ping. I hope this will inspire you to enjoy and engage with this darling book.

This week we “rowed” The Story About Ping.  I absolutely adore this sweet book. It is a classic story about a duckling named Ping who lives on the Yangtze River in China.

Our talking points included rivers, China, and water safety. Additionally, we discussed baby animals like joeys, ducklings, cubs, and kittens. 

There is so much to explore and lots of fun to be had with this story.

The Story About Ping: GEOGRAPHY

After reading the story we discussed the setting.  The story is set on the Yangtze River in China. We pulled out our globe and located the Yangtze River. My four-year-old is able to locate the seven continents on a map. I asked him to find Asia and from there I stepped in to direct him to China and the Yangtze River.

The Story About Ping Yangtze River



The Story About Ping

We are most fortunate to have Living Learning Libraries in our community. We recently joined the library and are taking in all that this gem of a resource has to offer. Our dear librarian Michelle put together a Five In A Row bin for us. The bin included The Story About Ping, a cute rubber duck, and many other wonderful related living books.

Here are some of the books we read in addition to The Story About Ping

The Story about Ping: Science

Using our water table and water beads, we explored floating vs sinking.

We learned about density and pretended to be scientists as we made a hypothesis about what objects would sink to the bottom and what objects would float. We also pretended the water in the water table was a river. This gave us an opportunity to practice some new vocabulary words in context.

For instance, when an object sank to the bottom of the water table we’d say it was sitting on the river bed. When we stood next to the water table, we called that the river bank. This was a really laid-back way of discussing various talking points from the book.

My children played with the water table for hours. I added water beads to the water. The kids immediately pretended the beads were fish and they were fishermen on the river.


For our craft, we painted Ping walking across the bridge on the Yangtze River. We used card stock, acrylic paints, brushes, and yellow feathers.

I drew the outline of Ping and had my son paint the entire duck yellow. Next, we used orange paint to add color to the duck’s back and feet.

Finally, we finished the craft by using glue to stick two yellow feathers on our duckling, painting in the bridge, and using blue paint for our background or river.

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Five In A Row: The Story About Ping

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  2. Susan Evans says:

    We always loved The Story of Ping! These activities look really fun. My art teacher from Junior High used the book for examples for sketching during an art class one time.