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Five in A Row: Madeline

Five in A Row: Madeline

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Five in a Row Madeline

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Five in a row: Madeline is one of my daughter’s favorite books. When we spent a week looking at this story and exploring topics around it, she insisted that she have bright red hair like Madeline. One of the first things we did was put together a Madeline hat using paper plates, yellow paint, and staples. We then attached “hair” to the hat by using crimped red construction paper. When my son asked what costume he would wear I quickly decided that he’d be Dr. Cohn. This was a simple throw together since the kids have a doctor’s coat and a newsboy hat.

Five in a Row: Madeline Snack

In addition to Madeline, we read Crepes by Suzette. It is the sweet story of a young girl and her crepe cart serving crepes around and about the city of Paris. The book includes a very simple crepe recipe at the end. We followed the recipe and made crepes for breakfast. The kids decided to top the crepes with blueberries, maple, and powdered sugar.

madeline five in a row

FIAR Madeline: Additional Readings

We read many other books that are set in Europe. Two of our favorites are Puss in Boots and Mirette on the High Wire. We also read our favorite rhyme book, Green Eggs and Ham and the kids took turns coming up with their own rhymes.

five in a row madeline

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