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Five in a Row: Little Nino’s Pizzeria

Five in a Row: Little Nino’s Pizzeria

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Little Nino's Pizzeria

We “rowed” Little Nino’s Pizzeria and had so much fun that I thought it would be helpful to share some of what we learned using this story as a springboard. With Little Nino’s Pizzeria, we explored Italy, currency types, and introduced the idea of reading graphs and legends.

little ninos pizzeria

Role Play and Counting

I pulled out our magnetic whiteboard and colored magnets. Then I drew a legend in the top corner of the board to clearly denote what topping each color magnet represented. I took some time explaining this to my four-year-old and I was sure to have him explain it to back to me. This was a very simple way of introducing him to graphs and teaching him how to locate and read a legend.

little nino's pizzeria FIAR

Finally, we moved on to the fun part. We role-played a little with my son pretending to be Nino taking very specific pizza orders. Once he received the order he “built” the pizza on the whiteboard, using the appropriate color and amount of magnets. This activity is a fun way to practice attentiveness, accuracy, counting, and thinking skills.

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