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Picture Books about Winter and Snow

Picture Books about Winter and Snow

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Snuggle up to some of the sweetest picture books about winter and snow.

Children will love the books that make this list of most delightful picture books to read during the winter.

With the rush of the holiday season behind us, we are finally getting back into our homeschool routine.

As a part of our lessons this month, we are learning all about the winter season and snow. We hardly get much of winter here in Florida. For that reason, I love to incorporate picture books with our lessons.

Recently, I spent some time going through our collection of picture books and visiting the library to round up the best picture books about winter and snow. The books on this list are some of my favorites.

Winter Books for Kids

In addition to reading picture books about winter and snow, I make a large batch of pretend snow for my kids to enjoy.

Check out my post here to learn how to easily make pretend snow for your children to enjoy hours of sensory play. As always, the books found here are not listed because they are the newest to be marketed. Rather, these books are tried and true.

Each book listed below is a quality storybook that children will find delight in.

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Katy and The Big Snow

In Katy and the Big Snow, the City of Geopolis is paralyzed under several feet of snow. Katy, the brave and helpful snow plow goes to work plowing away the snow. It is because of Katy’s hard work that the people of the city of Geopolis are able to get back to doing their jobs. This book is worth purchasing and reading at least once a year. My children love reading about Katy as she navigates all around her city to save the day.

Owl Moon

Owl Moon is the Caldecott Medal award-winning book by Jane Yolen. The book follows a little girl and her father as they go hiking in the snow into the woods in search of an owl. This is a sweet story with the most darling illustrations.

The Mitten

The Mitten retells a Ukrainian winter folktale. It is easily one of the sweetest folktales for young readers. It is about a little boy named Nicki who drops his snow-white mitten in the snow. One by one, the animals in the forest move into his mitten.

Snowflake Bentley

Snowflake Bentley is the biography of Wilson Bentley. Bently loved the snow and was fascinated by snowflakes since he was a little boy. He determined to photograph snowflakes with his camera and study them. He was the first person to note that no two snowflakes are the same. Snowflake Bentley is a factual picture book perfect for school-aged kids.

The Snowy Nap

“Young Hedgie sniffed the chilly wind. Snow is on the way, he thought.” Jan Brett’s The Snowy Nap follows Hedgie as he tries not to fall asleep although it is time for him to hibernate. After his friends around the farm tell him all about winter and the fun he will miss he decides he wants to stay up to experience the wonders of winter.

Over and Under the Snow

Written by Kate Messner, Over and Under the Snow is a highly informative story about animals that live under the snow.

The Snowy Day

A classic and personal favorite, The Snowy Day is about a boy experiencing the splendor of his very first snow day. This is a sweet story for young children. This book also made this list as it is the very first Children’s book with a black protagonist.

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