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Homeschool Organization Ideas to Simplify Your Life

Homeschool Organization Ideas to Simplify Your Life

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Art supplies and math manipulatives and paperwork, oh my! I am sharing effective homeschool organization ideas that will help simplify your life.

Homeschool Room Bookshelf

As homeschoolers, we use our space daily and sometimes nearly all day. Organizing your homeschool space and supplies in a way that is orderly yet functional can easily become overwhelming. If you are looking for ways to keep your homeschooling space organized yet practical, you are not alone.

Continue reading for ideas to declutter, organize, and simplify your homeschool space. 

This post is sponsored by 1Thrive! I was sent this wall organizer to review. I was compensated for my time and work. As always, all opinions are my own. Read the full disclosure policy here.

Now that I am homeschooling three children between kindergarten and 2nd grade, keeping our learning space and materials orderly is a high priority. In my experience, there are three imperative habits for keeping an orderly homeschool space.

  • Plan for lessons and subjects of study in advance.
  • Ensure every item has a designated place.
  • Make proper use of your space.

Plan Ahead

It is important to plan ahead for what lessons and topics you will be studying for a given time frame. This will allow you to know what materials, books, or resources need to be easily accessible and what items can be stored away for later use.

In our homeschool, I display our monthly, weekly, and daily plan using the The Ashley Wall Organizer from 1THRIVE. Each month I plan and list any new unit studies, read alouds, goals, and topics of study. I then gather the materials and resources needed for that month and place them in a basket or on our rolling cart where they can be easily accessed by my children and me.

Wall Organizer
1THRIVE’s The Ashley Wall Organizer

During this time, I also return library books and pick up new ones. Purge all loose papers or art projects. It is a good practice to discard papers you no longer need at the end of each month.

Place sample work from the previous month into the appropriate homeschool portfolio. This way you will not have to scramble to put an entire portfolio together at the end of the school year.

Use a Homeschool Wall Organizer + Calandar

Having our homeschool schedule displayed has been wonderful in helping us to keep organized in our homeschool. We use our 1Thrive command center to list goals, track assignments, motivation, and share our family schedule.

My children always enjoy seeing new items added to our calendar and completed tasks removed. They especially enjoy marking off the days as they pass. The 1Thrive command center has helped keep my children enthused about being productive and organized.

I love that the 1THRIVE wall organizers or command centers are so easy to use. You simply hang the metal frame. Then add or remove the components with the 1thrive hook system. Almost all the components are magnetic and work with 1WRITE liquid chalk markers.

Because the components are removable, you can take the boards off to write on them. This makes the 1THRIVE command center stand out from nearly all the others.

I can remove the board from the command center and sit down anywhere to plan and write on it. This is far easier than standing at a wall and attempting to write neatly on a board that is bolted to the wall.

The 1Thrive command centers come with 2 wet-erase Sky Duo 1WRITE 1-For-All Liquid Chalk Markers. These are the best chalk markers I have used. They wipe off easily and completely, leaving no smudging.

You can purchase additional 1WRTITE-for-all liquid chalk markers if you’d like to have a variety of colors.

While the Ashley Wall Organizer I use markets as a kitchen command center, I find that it is so customizable it can be used however you desire. It works wonderfully as a homeschool command center.

Use code homeschool10 for 10% off any wall organizer!

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Make Proper Use of Your Space for Ultimate Homeschool Organization

To start, we can acknowledge that most homeschoolers have a limit on the amount of space we have in our homeschools. It is vital that you make sure you are setting up your space in a way that is most useful for your family.

Do not overlook valuable space. Consider using wasted wall space for organizing your homeschool. Pegboards, hanging hooks, and corkboards are some materials you can use to maximize your wall space. I use clear command hooks, yarn, and clothespins to display art in our learning space.

This is a great way to avoid having loose artwork hanging around. Have children hang their completed artwork on the wall as seen in the photo below.

Homeschool Room Organization

Assign a Place for Everything

The best way to keep an organized and functional homeschooling space is to train your children to place things in their proper place after each use. For this to work, you will need to assign a place for everything. This is how you clutter-proof your space. This also makes it easy and even fun for little ones to clean up.

It can be frustrating for young children to tidy a space when they do not know where things should go because no effort has been made to assign a place for things.

Store books on shelves, papers in designated folders, and items like toy animals in assigned bins. Place extra curriculum that isn’t in current use out of the way like at the top of your bookshelf.

Having a supply caddy for the everyday use of pencils and basic craft supplies like scissors and glue sticks is a great idea.

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Homeschool Organization Ideas to Simplify Your Life

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