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Classical Music Lessons for Children with Clap for Classics!

Classical Music Lessons for Children with Clap for Classics!

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Looking to introduce classical music to your young learner? Interested in classical music lessons for children?

Children 6 months old to early elementary will love learning all about music with Clap for Classics!

Continue reading to learn how we use the program in our homeschool and how you can try it for FREE!

Preschool Music

Why Introduce Classical Music Lessons to Young Children

I can remember taking my first child to our pediatrician for his 1-year check-up. At that appointment, the Dr. admonished me to obtain a keyboard for my sprouting toddler and to play classical music during our car rides.

His professional advice was that classical music is beneficial for brain development in young children.

I acted on the doctor’s advice and the compositions of Tchaikovsky, Mozart, and Beethoven have become a part of our home and lives.

Fortunately, with the wonderful resource I am sharing today you do not have to be a skilled musician to teach and cultivate a love of classical music in your child. In fact, you can teach music to your child in the comfort of your home.

This post is sponsored by Clap for Classics! I was sent this program to review. I was compensated for my time and workAs always, all opinions are my own. Read the full disclosure policy here.

Clap for Classics!

Recently, I learned about Clap for Classics! and have been using the program in our homeschool.

Clap for Classics! is an online monthly at home music course that provides ways for even the youngest children to experience and learn classical music.

They offer lessons that introduce children to foundational music concepts through folk songs, children’s songs, and classical music.

The lessons are taught through a series of instructional videos that include engaging songs, mini-music lessons, and listening activities.

The program offers downloadable classical tracks, printable activities, and modules such as Meet the Instruments.

Meet the Instruments is a series of short videos that introduce your child to instruments. Instruments include the French horn, percussion, oboe, harp, and more.

How it Works: Clap for Classics!

Once you signup you receive immediate access to all of the wonderful courses.

From there you simply log in, sit down with your child and enjoy bonding with music.

With Clap for Classics! my children and I learn music fundamentals, sing, play instruments, dance, listen to classical music, learn folk songs (Rattlin Bog is our current favorite). Most of all, we have loads of fun together.

I love that the instructional videos are available for you to watch and rewatch at your own pace. This allows you to take into consideration your child’s age and attention span.

I like to cast the video lessons to our television in our living room while I prepare dinner. This gives my children plenty of space to move around if needed and allows me to work on dinner preparations while my children are fully engaged with the instructor and their music lesson.

Clap for Classics! Age Range

While Clap for Classics! is designed for children 0-7, my children ranging from ages 5-8 absolutely love the courses.

Clap for Classics! offers a variety of courses and purchase options. They offer recurring monthly classes that you purchase a subscription for as well as several bundles that can be purchased for a one-time set cost.

The Nursery Rhyme Baby Time Course is designed for children 0-2. You receive lifetime access to this course after purchase.

Carnival of the Animals course bundle is a 3-month bundle in which students will have access to 3 months of Clap for Classics! content. Students will sing in different languages, do musical yoga, and more with this bundle.

Peter and the Wolf course bundle is their 2-month bundle.

Classical Music for Preschool

Try Clap for Classics! FREE

Clap for Classics! has launched an exciting free mini-course that they are offering completely FREE. This mini-course is geared toward students 0-6 years old. With just about 20 minutes of music total, it is perfect for younger students as the lessons are short and sweet. Our favorite Flight of the Bumblebee freeze dance activity is included.

Take advantage of this free course by clicking the button below. You won’t be disappointed.

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Classical Music for Preschoolers with Clap for Classics!

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