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Sonlight Science: Hands-On Science for Kindergarteners

Sonlight Science: Hands-On Science for Kindergarteners

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Looking for a science curriculum that is hands-on, exciting, and incorporates living books? Keep reading to learn all about The new, 2021 Sonlight Science levels K-E.

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This post is sponsored by Sonlight. I was sent this kit and was compensated for my time and work. As always, all opinions are my own. Read the full disclosure policy here.

New Sonlight Science K

Curriculum shopping started early for me this year as I am excited about our youngest joining in on formal lessons as a Kindergartener this coming school year. Based on what I know of my 5-year-old’s learning style I thought Sonlight’s new science program would be an excellent choice for him.

Excited about new curriculum arriving 🎉

I am thrilled to share Sonlight’s new Science Level K Ecosystems, Meteorology, Physics, and Engineering Design with you!

This level K science curriculum is one of Sonlight’s complete and easy-to-use hands-on science programs from kindergarten to college-level lab sciences.

The program is designed to allow students to learn the content in greater depth as they progress through the levels and circle back through each topic over the years.

The New Sonlight Science K-E programs focus on literature and experiments and offer a new more interconnected experience.

Weekly, students engage in an experiment directly tied to the rest of the content they study in their books.

Sonlight Science Experiment
Making kinetic sand to be used for forming a model ant hill.

It’s a perfect harmony of learning through quality literature and hands-on activities. This approach suits various learning styles.

This Sonlight Science was designed to follow the classic Sonlight model of learning of reading, discussing, and doing and adheres to the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). Dozens of scientists, esteemed scientific institutions, and science-based businesses have put their support behind these standards.

This provides assurance for homeschool moms that the Sonlight program is quality and credible science education for our little ones.

The Science K Program comes with the following components:

  • 1 Instructor’s Guide
  • Student Activity Sheets
  • 13 beautiful books including Discover & Do Science
  • Activity Sheets
  • Discover & Do K Science Supplies Kit
  • Access to Discover & Do: Kindergarten Science Experiment Videos

Instructor’s Guide

Between preparing meals, completing lessons, and making space for engaging family time, finding time to map out and sustain lesson plans sometimes escapes me. For this reason, I love that Sonlight has done the heavy lifting for me and all lesson plans are included in the instructor’s guide.

Sonlight Instructor Guide Science

While you can take the liberty to add to or adjust how you cover each lesson in your homeschool, the Instructor’s guide serves as a complete roadmap. The Instructor’s guide is clear and convenient laying out an easy-to-follow schedule.

The Instructor’s Guide makes teaching pretty open and go. It lays out what books are needed and what days they are needed. Additionally, it tells you how many pages of a book are to be read on a given day and what materials are needed for any experiments.

The guide also lists the materials needed for the upcoming week allowing you to prepare and set expectations ahead of time.

Download sample pages from the Instructor’s Guide for a closer look at how it’s formatted.

The guide and student activity sheets come organized for you.

They are printed on quality paper and are already hole punched so you just need to place them into a 3 ring binder for ease of use.

#SonlightScience Activity Sheets

The activity sheets are straightforward. They are worksheet activities that reinforce the concepts also being explored through the reading and experiments.

Living Books for Science

I just adore the books included with this program. Each book is delightful and beautifully illustrated for young learners.

When these books first arrived my son sat and flipped through each of them for hours. He still often reaches for one of the 5 Usborne beginner readers included (Ants, Weather, Rainforests, Reptiles, Bees & Wasps) to browse through for leisure.

Sonlight Science K Books

Sonlight Science K: Discover & Do: Kindergarten Science Experiments

One of the books included in the program is Discover & Do Science. This book includes all of the experiments students will do during the program.

This is our favorite component of the curriculum. The Discover & Do Science book offers amazing hands-on experiments that are easy to complete at home.

Each week we complete a science experiment. The experiments allow children to further explore and reinforce the concepts we read about.

Sonlight Science Discover and Do

Discover & Do Science is simple and straightforward. The experiments included in Discover & Do cover a range of areas including biology, botany, ecology, meteorology, STEM, and more.

I love that my child gets to use the scientific method to learn and explore in such a simple and fun way.

In addition to using the scientific method, students begin to learn the process of Engineering Design.

Discover & Do: Kindergarten Science Experiment Videos

The program includes Discover & Do Science Experiment Videos that are accessed on Sonlight’s website. There is a video to accompany each of the Discovery & Do Science experiments.

Using the videos, children observe and learn how to do all 36 science experiments.

I set up the needed materials and play the video for my son to follow along as the instructor demonstrates and explains the experiments. This is easily my son’s favorite part of the program.

He even grabs his white lab coat to wear as he explores and learns.

The videos are digital only. Purchase of the Sonlight Science K program includes digital access to the videos so you can stream them directly from your account.

Check out a trailer of the Discover & Do Kindergarten Science Experiment Videos below.

Discover & Do Kindergarten Science Experiment Supplies Kit

If you ever skip science experiments because gathering the needed materials can get overwhelming then you’ll love that this program includes a supply kit. The Discover & Do Science Supplies Kit has the items you need, in the quantities required to complete the 36 experiments for the program.

The kit includes items like balloons, bamboo skewers, a cork, sun-sensitive paper, a thermometer, flower seedes, PVC pipe, and sugar cubes to name a few.

In summary, Sonlight’s new science program is a wonderful option to consider. If your child thrives on hands-on learning coupled with quality literature then I think you will appreciate this curriculum.

While I’ve only worked with level K Sonlight will be releasing other levels of this newly updated Science in the coming weeks. Level K is representative of Sonlight’s entire new science program.

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Sonlight Science: Hands-On Science for Kindergarteners

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