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Fall Bucket List for Kids

Fall Bucket List for Kids

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Autumn is a wonderful time of year for adults and kids alike. It is my favorite time of year! The leaves change color, and the air gets cooler. However, with school back in session and fall sports kicking off, finding time to enjoy the season can be tough.

That’s why I’ve put together this list of fall activities that are perfect for kids of all ages.

These fun activities will help you make the most of the fall months, from apple picking to carving pumpkins.

Continue reading through the end of this post to grab the printable fall bucket list!

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Fun Kid-Friendly Things to Do In the Fall

Make Candied Apples – Make traditional red candied apples or make a variety of candied apples using chocolates, caramels, nuts, and sprinkles.

Make Smores – Head outside to roast marshmallows and make smores over an open fire. The kids love when we make smores over our smokeless fire pit. The smokeless fire pit can be used all year round, including Fourth of July and Memorial Day celebrations.

Visit A Pumpkin Patch – Spend some time at your local pumpkin patch. Don’t forget your camera – those pumpkin-picking memories can be cherished for years.

Make Homemade Caramel – Whip up some homemade caramel for dipping green apples, topping desserts, or just as a fun treat.

Enjoy a Beautiful Hay Ride – If you are up for adventure and excitement, find and enjoy a hay ride in your area. The kids will love it!

Try apple Picking at an Apple Orchard – If you want a quintessential Fall experience, visit your local apple orchard and pick a bucket of apples. This is one activity I’m sure the kids will love.

Make your way through a Corn or Hay Maze – Here in South Florida, it is more common to find a hay maze than a corn maze, but if you live in a part of the country or a state where corn is grown more regularly, have fun exploring a corn maze with family and friends.

Make A Delicious Apple Pie or Apple Turnover

Go on a Fall Scavenger Hunt – Get out and engage nature with this fun Fall Scavenger Hunt.

Enjoy a Cup of Homemade Hot Chocolate – My favorite part of FALL is the cool weather rushing in. The crisp fall weather calls for yummy warm drinks. Skip the bland hot chocolate packets and make a delicious and classic homemade hot chocolate.

Visit a Fall Fair or Festival – Spend time outside with the kids at your local fall fair or festival for the ultimate fall experience. Fall time typically brings along good food and good vibes, so enjoy it while it’s here. 

Go on a Fall Nature Walk – A nature walk is always a great idea, but there are even more reasons to take one in the fall. The leaves are changing color, the air is crisp, and there’s so much for children to explore.

During the Fall season, we often visit our local and state parks to observe the subtle changes of the season that we experience here in South Florida. 

Carve Pumpkins – Carving pumpkins with kids is always a good time.

Make a Fall Wreath – Fall is the perfect time to add a little extra decoration to your home. One easy and festive way to do this is to make a fall wreath. Wreaths are also relatively simple to make, even for those who feel they are not particularly crafty.

Host Thanksgiving Dinner

Drink Hot Apple Cider

Build A Scarecrow – For whatever reason, scarecrows are the perfect way to get your kids into the Autumn spirit. And what could be better than making a scarecrow with them?

Have a Fall Picnic – Why not enjoy the clear autumn air with a fall picnic? Grab your picnic blanket and basket and create a memorable fall picnic.

Make a DIY Halloween Costume: Let kids decide what they want to be for Halloween and work with them to create the costume. Check out the DIY costumes we’ve done in the past, like Mario Brothers and Princess Poppy.

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Read a Fall-Themed Picture BookHow to Make an Apple Pie and See the World is our favorite fall picture book.

How to Make An Apple Pie and See the World

I hope you have so many memories with your kids this fall! And in addition to this list, check out our other related posts below for even more great ideas.

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Fall Bucket List for Kids

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