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Free Printable Fall Matching Cards

Free Printable Fall Matching Cards

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Looking for fall activities for kids? Grab these Free Fall Matching Cards for children to play a fun fall matching game.

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And just like that, Fall 2022 is here! If you have read any of my previous holiday posts, you already know that Fall is my favorite time of the year.

Because fall is my favorite season, we make a big deal of the season in our home.

During the season, I love to decorate our home with fall decor, set up fun fall-themed kid activities, read our favorite fall-themed books, and make all sorts of fall-themed treats.

For me, the best part of fall is creating awesome and exciting activities and games that will enthuse my young kids about the holiday season. 

Today, I am sharing newly created Fall matching cards to keep your young and older kids excited about this Fall season. 

I love creating matching games for my kids. Browse the free printables to see some of the other popular matching games that I’ve made!

Matching and memory games are incredibly beneficial and fun for kids of all ages. Occasionally, my husband and I will join in the fun with our kids and play as a family.

Fall Matching Cards

Benefits of Playing Matching Games

 Matching games have various learning benefits for young and preschool-age children, such as creating a sense of pride and accomplishment.

Additionally, matching games are great for developing concentration, memory, observing details, and social skills, and improving the child’s ability to notice similarities and differences!

Memory games can also help develop the following skills:

  • Critical thinking skills
  • Sorting and grouping skills
  • Visual discrimination skills
  • Fine motor skills
  • Vocabulary

How to Use Fall Matching Cards

This printable card set includes a total of 18 cards. Each pair features a picture that is related to the fall season.

Place all 18 square tiles facedown and play memory matching! Kids can play this together by taking turns, or they may choose to play by themselves.

The fall cards will keep your little ones busy, all while having fun, spending time together, and learning at the same time! 

Set these matching cards out on the kid’s table on Thanksgiving, or just have them on hand for kids to use throughout the season.

Continue below to download the printable fall cards.

Print the cards onto quality card stock, cut out the cards, and laminate them for durability.




Free Printable Fall Matching Cards

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