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Apologia’s Exploring Creation with Earth Science!

Apologia’s Exploring Creation with Earth Science!

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Looking for a creation-based homeschool science curriculum? Learn why Apologia’s Exploring Creation with Earth Science may be the right choice for you.

This post is sponsored by Apologia. I was sent this curriculum and compensated for my time and work. As always, all opinions are my own. This post may contain affiliate links. Read the full disclosure policy here.

Continue to the end of this post and enter for a chance to win your own Exploring Creation with Earth Science Set.

Homeschool Science With Apologia

Do you continue formal lessons through the summer months?

While we don’t “officially” homeschool during the summer, I find some of our riches lessons and learning occur during this season.

With summer in full swing, we’ve been having a blast exploring around and about our area.

Working through Apologia’s new Exploring Creation With Earth Science has inspired and encouraged us to set out to explore as many landforms in our area as possible.

Just in our surrounding area alone, we can experience wet prairies, barrier islands, oceans, ponds, and more. Our Beach days continue to become more wonderous as we learn more and more about the earth.

Our co-op used Apologia’s Young Explorer Series and we loved every minute of their curriculums. For that reason, I was delighted to have the opportunity to review and share Apologia’s newly released Exploring Creation with Earth Science.

So far, this curriculum has been wonderfully captivating for the children and we’ve only scratched the surface.

Apologia Science

Apologia provides a Christ-centered homeschool curriculum. Their mission is to help homeschooling students and families learn, live, and defend the Christian faith through their print and digital curriculum and online classes.

I am most familiar with Apologia’s Young Explorers Series. An award-winning homeschool science series, it consists of textbooks for elementary children in grades k-6.

In my opinion, Apologia textbooks aren’t like other textbooks. They are so well-written that my children will read aloud from the textbook for leisure.

Exploring Creation with Earth Science

Exploring Creation With Earth Science

Exploring Creation With Earth Science follows the charlotte-mason philosophy of learning and speaks directly to the student. The curriculum is written in a way that encourages the child to interact with their world.

What will we find beneath the dirt? In addition to reading about it, let’s dig in and see.

The Exploring Creation With Earth Science textbook has a suggested weekly schedule with lessons planned. The lessons are as follows:

  1. The Observable Universe
  2. Life In The Habitable Zone
  3. Spheres of The Earth
  4. Mapping Your World
  5. The Geosphere
  6. Making And Shaping The Land
  7. The Hydrosphere
  8. The Atmosphere
  9. Climate And Weather
  10. Weather Forecasting
  11. The Biosphere
  12. Cycles of Life
  13. Unique Places On Earth
  14. God In Creation
Earth Science Experiment
Making a Paper Mache Paste for Exploring Creation with Earth Science Lesson

Hands-On Earth Science

With plenty of hands-on activities, Exploring Creation With Earth Science allows the student to actively participate in the scientific method. My little ones are always excited about the activities that go along with the lessons.

The hands-on activities help weave all the information together for young learners.

For example, in lesson 3 we learned about The Geosphere. The book instructs the child to build a geosphere using a paper mache method similar to this paper mache model earth.

The student revisits that activity again and again as they move through the lessons. The child will add the equator, lines of latitude, lines of longitude, and the continents as they progress from lesson to lesson.

In the photo below my son is building his Geosphere as a part of lesson 3.

Earth Science Curriculum

Earth Science Notebooking Journal

The companion Notebooking Journal serves as the child’s individual notebook and is fit for elementary students.

There is a place for your child to complete every assignment in the textbook. The colorful pages are engaging and provide an opportunity for active learning while reinforcing the lesson.

Apologia Science Curriculum Review

Everything in the journal is optional and designed to enhance the student’s experience.

If a particular section does not fit well with your student, you should consider skipping that section. If you notice your child is enjoying a particular subject, you are should check out the Book Extra content for that lesson.

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Apologia Science Curriculum

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Apologia’s Exploring Creation with Earth Science!

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