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Homeschool Math: Teaching Textbooks Review

Homeschool Math: Teaching Textbooks Review

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Looking for a homeschool math curriculum that takes all the stress out of teaching math lessons?

Continue reading to learn about Teaching Textbooks 4.0 and why it may be the curriculum for you.

Homeschool Math Simplified with Teaching Textbooks

This post is sponsored by Teaching Textbooks. I was sent this program to review. I was compensated for my time and workAs always, all opinions are my own. Read the full disclosure policy here.

What is Teaching Textbooks

Teaching Textbooks is a complete computer-based homeschool math curriculum.

With programs from grade 3 through pre-calculus, Teaching Textbooks is designed for independent learners. The programs they offer include Math 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, pre-algebra, algebra 1, algebra 2, and precalculus.

What We Love About Teaching Textbooks Math 3

Admittedly, I was unsure if I’d appreciate a math curriculum that did not require much or any teaching from me.

To my surprise, working independently may be my child’s favorite part of the curriculum.

It’s as if he has a personal math expert teaching each lesson. He even asks to do multiple math lessons a day since starting the Teaching Textbooks program.

Teaching Textbook 4.0 Review

Students Work Independently with Teaching Textbooks

If you are interested in a math curriculum that your child can work on independently then Texting Textbooks is for you.

While I personally continue to engage with the lessons as my son works through them, the only thing task required of you is to check the student grade book to ensure your child is doing well.

Homeschool Math: Teaching Textbooks Review

I’ve noticed that this independent learning structure has helped build confidence in my son and his math skills. He is very enthused about logging on to do his math lessons and takes pride in correctly answering practice questions and grasping new concepts.

One added benefit is that my younger children love to look on as my son works on his Teaching Textbooks lesson. They love watching the animated characters and listening to the instructions.

Teaching Textbooks Requires No Prep Work

Teaching Textbooks math lessons require minimum preparation. At most, you will ensure your child has their device set up and ready to go and a quiet space to focus and complete the daily lessons.

That’s all. No printing worksheets or gathering various materials.

The program even features a scratchpad. Students can use this to write out and solve problems. See the example in the image below.

Teaching Textbooks Scratchpad

Grades for Homeschool Math are Automated

All assignments are graded and kept within the program. This is a major help for me. No more keeping track of loose papers or workbooks. This feature simplifies record-keeping for you and your student.

The added benefit of the automated grading feature is that it automatically grades each problem as your child solves them. Because of this, you and your child are able to instantly identify concepts the student may need to work on further.

Teaching Textbooks Review

Lessons are Interactive

Before you commit and purchase a teaching textbook program be sure to take advantage of the opportunity to see an actual demo of the level you are interested in by trying their FREE TRIAL.

You will see that the lessons are interactive and engaging for the student.

Complete Homeschool Math Curriculum

Teaching Textbooks is a complete math curriculum. While you can always use supplemental resources if you choose, it is not necessary.

The program is detailed and thorough. I find that the Math 3 program provides the student with ample practice for each of the concepts taught.

Final Thoughts on Teaching Textbooks for Homeschool Math

Teaching Textbooks 4.0 Math 3 is a wonderful homeschool math curriculum for independent learners.

It is a solid math curriculum that is practical for homeschool families teaching multiple children and reasonably priced. They even offer a large family discount plan.

Be sure to click the button below to try Teaching Textbooks for yourself. For Free.

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Teaching Textbooks Math Review

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