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Free Typing Games For Kids

Free Typing Games For Kids

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Looking to teach your child how to type? Get started with these free resources. Learn about free typing games, tests, and lessons to teach children typing skills.

Speed Typing Games with Type Dojo and Kidztype

Free Typing Games for Kids

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Why Teaching Typing Skills to Children Is Important

 In today’s world, our lives are so dependent on computers and technology that I can only imagine that our dependency will grow as new technological advancements continue to be made.

The reality is that most of us use a computer every day. In our changing world, administrative and clerical workers are no longer the only people who require solid keyboarding skills.

Being able to type fast and with accuracy is a great skill set to nurture in children. 

For these reasons, touch typing is now a part of our homeschool. With the help of sites like Type Dojo and Kidztype, I can teach my children proper typing skills.

What is Touch Typing?

Touch typing is the ability to type without using your eyes to find the keys. Instead, touch typing relies on muscle memory to locate each key on the keyboard.

Free Typing Lessons, Tests, and Games for Kids

We use the typing lessons practice and free typing test on Type Dojo to learn proper typing skills like hand placement and accuracy.

Type Dojo is hassle-free and super convenient to use. You don’t even have to register or signup to use their typing services.  However, there is an option to create a profile to keep track of your progress if you prefer. All for free!

Example of Type Dojo typing lesson

Type Dojo has a sister-site Kidztype. Kidztype is also free to use. We use the typing games for kids offered on Kidztype to practice typing skills through fun typing games. Typing practice is now one of my son’s favorite activities.

As a mom of young children, I’ve learned that kids are super competitive.

Typing games allow them to compete against themselves while learning and developing valuable keyboarding skills. My son enjoys playing the KidzType Dance Mat Typing game.

KidzType Dance Mat Typing Level 1

Check out the video below to learn more about Kidztype

With both Type Dojo and Kidztype, the activities are effective, easy to navigate, and only require minutes to complete.

I strongly encourage you to visit and bookmark Kidztype and Type Dojo.

Check them out for yourself. I’m sure you will agree they are great resources for teaching children how to type.

Free Typing Games for Kids

Free Typing Games For Kids

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