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Easter Egg Matching Game

Easter Egg Matching Game

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Celebrate Easter with this fun printable egg matching game – the perfect activity for your little ones to learn while they play!

Easter Egg Matching Cards

Spring is here, and Easter is just around the corner!

I’m happy to share this engaging, low-stress activity that your kids will love.

This Easter Egg Matching Game is an easy-to-play card game that uses pairs of Easter eggs with matching colors and patterns.

The printable consists of 12 egg pairs (24 cards total) in different shades of pastel colors with contrasting patterns, stripes, and dots.

How to Use Easter Egg Matching Cards with Kids

Playing the Easter Egg Matching Game is as easy as 1-2-3.

Shuffle the cards and place them face-down on the table to start the game.

Players choose two cards and flip them over to reveal the Easter eggs and their colors and patterns.

If the two cards match, the player can keep the cards and take another turn.

If the cards do not match, the player has to turn the cards back over, and the next player takes a turn.

How to Assemble Matching Cards

Continue to the end of this post to download the cards.

Then, print them onto cardstock so the images cannot show through when the cards are faced down.

I also like to laminate the cards for better durability.

Once you have the cards assembled, you can use them with your child(ren) again and again.

This is even a fun activity to set out for your children attending your Easter dinner.

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Easter Egg Matching Game

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