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Hands-On Science with BookShark Science Packages

Hands-On Science with BookShark Science Packages

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The new school year is in full swing and I am thrilled to share the new science program we are loving! Continue reading to learn about this complete, easy-to-use program.

This post is sponsored by BookShark Science. I was sent this curriculum and compensated for my time and work. As always, all opinions are my own. This post may contain affiliate links. Read the full disclosure policy here.

I am elated to share all about the science program my second grader is using this year. As we made preparations for this new school year my daughter requested a science program that would allow for lots of science experiments. BookShark Science B package is the program we are using to meet her request and we are loving it.

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A Complete Science Program

BookShark’s Science B is a complete package. The program is fully planned and easy to use. With Science B, students learn about light and sound waves, animal life and survival, the solar system, and engineering design!

The program follows a 4-day schedule making it easy to keep on track and not fall behind schedule. Each lesson is short and impactful. Unlike some ready-to-go curriculums, the schedule and lessons in the BookShark Science packages are not overwhelming.

Additionally, the new science 2021 BookShark Science was designed with Next Generation Science Standards.


Literature-Based Learning

While my daughter is most thrilled about the science experiments, I most love that the program uses amazing books as a part of the learning.

The literature included with the Science B package includes beautifully illustrated picture books, a fascinating biography, and an engaging lift-the-flap book.

The Books Used With The Program Are:

  • Pasteur’s Fight Against Microbes
  • The Magic School Bus Inside the Human Body
  • The Magic School Bus Lost in the Solar System
  • What Makes You Ill?
  • Light is All Around Us
  • Sound is All Around Us
  • Lift-the-Flap Engineering BookShark
  • Science B Experiments Book

Hands-On Science Experiments with BookShark Science

I am working through the Science B Package with my 2nd grader this year. The hands-on experiments have been her favorite part of this curriculum. Science B experiments include assembling a bird’s nest, investigating how sound travels, containing oil spills, and discovering how fireflies communicate.

Everything you need to complete each experiment is provided in the Package. The BookShark Science B Experiments Book includes detailed instructions and helpful tips to guide students through each of the experiments.

The Discover & Do: Science B Supplies Kit includes items needed to complete each of the experiments.

I love having this supplies kit. It takes some of the hassles out of doing science experiments. All the supplies are in one place and ready to use.

Supplies in the kit include items like balloons, cotton balls, foam sheets, rubber bands, a sponge, and more.

BookShark Science Package Review

Have You Heard About BookShark Virtual?

When you pair the BookShark print curriculum with a Virtual seat, parents and students get cool online features like assessment, grading, and accountability—accessible via mobile or desktop!

The best way to understand BookShark Virtual is to try it yourself. The first three weeks of every Virtual course are available for free just like the Instructor’s Guide samples always have been (here).

Watch the demo videos to get your bearings, and then take it for a spin. Let your child take a peek, too!

BookShark Science Curriculum

Bookshark Homeschool Science Curriculum


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