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Fun DIY Halloween Costumes You Can Make at Home

Fun DIY Halloween Costumes You Can Make at Home

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Can you believe Halloween is just around the corner? Today I am sharing some of my favorite DIY Halloween costumes from years past.

Each of these costumes is super fun and easy to make.

No sewing skills are needed!

Each year, I enthusiastically volunteer to make costumes for my family. With the help of Pinterest, I have come across so many exciting costume ideas. I am thrilled to share them with you in this post.

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Mario Bros Costume

These DIY Mario and Luigi costumes are the perfect costumes for brothers. I enjoyed making these and love how they turned out.

DIY Mario Costume

If you are not up for making these or do not have the time, check out the Mario Bros costumes below.

1. Mario Costume

2. Luigi’s Costume

3. Red long-sleeve shirt

4. Faux mustache for kids

5. Green long-sleeve shirt

Princess Poppy Costume

I made this adorable DIY Princess Poppy Trolls costume back in 2017. It was a hit with my kids and with all the kids at the Fall Festival I attended.

DIY Trolls Costume

Princess Poppy is a fun Halloween costume choice for adults or kids.

Don’t have time to DIY this costume? Shop the look below.

Trolls Costume
  1. Princess Poppy Costume
  2. Pink Tights
  3. Pink Trolls Wig

Cupcake Costume

I made this super cute cupcake costume for my daughter using the DIY cupcake costume tutorial from Make It Yours With Melissa.

Clown Costume

It is super easy to put together a clown costume.

I used a few clown-themed accessories, makeup, and old clothes for the clown costumes in the photo below.

Because every clown is different, you can get super creative with this DIY costume.

DIY Halloween Costumes

Shop the Look

1. Clown costume

2. Clown wig, bow tie, and gloves set

3. Clown top hat

4. Jumbo glasses

5. Propeller hat

Cotton Candy Costume

This DIY Cotton Candy costume is one of my favorite costumes ever. Best of all, it is surprisingly easy to make.

I followed the simple instructions for making a cotton candy costume from Hello Wonderful.

DIY Cotton Candy Costume

For more fun DIY costumes, go HERE!

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