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Dive into Reading: Why Summer Reading is Important for Kids and Free Printable Reading Log

Dive into Reading: Why Summer Reading is Important for Kids and Free Printable Reading Log

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Summer is almost here, and I am thrilled to share our free Summer 2023 Reading Log for you to use with children! Each summer, I get excited about all the fun things I can do with my kids. Do you?

Summer is about making memories in our home, from going to the beach, summer BBQs, climbing trees, and long bike rides. Even with all the fun adventures happenings in summer, one of my favorite activities is summer reading.

Although our homeschool schedule is more relaxed and we step away from our formal lessons, our summers are filled with rich learning as we delve into summer reading.

In this post, we’ll dive right into why summer reading is important for kids and how you can motivate your kids to get excited about reading this summer.

There is also a free printable reading log at the end of this post to inspire young readers to keep track of their reading goals.

Why Summer Reading is Important

We all know that reading is important. By reading regularly, kids can maximize their literacy skills and broaden their vocabulary, comprehension, and critical thinking skills.

Reading stories can transport a child to new worlds and allow them to explore different cultures, perspectives, and experiences. Reading can encourage kids to think creatively and enhance their communication skills by learning new words and sentence structures.

By reading non-fiction, they can learn more about their interests and passions and even learn new things about natural phenomena and history.

For these and many more reasons, summer reading is the best time to encourage children to fall in love with reading.

Use Summer Reading for Family Bonding

In our home, we use summer reading as an opportunity to promote quality family time and bonding.

By reading with your child, you can nurture and share a love of books and create a lasting bond that lasts long after the summer has ended. My children and I still share inside jokes from books we read together years ago.

Instead of popcorn and a movie, try popcorn and a good book, complete with snuggles from Mom and Dad.

This can help develop a positive attitude toward reading and help your child to view reading as an enjoyable and rewarding experience.

FREE Summer Reading Log

Let’s get your kids reading during this summer break! Start by downloading our free printable reading log!

Also, don’t forget to grab our FREE Bookmarks for kids to keep their place during their reading adventures.

Reading Log Printablt

Dive into Reading: Why Summer Reading 2023 is Important for Kids and Free Printable Reading Log

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