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Free Printable Uppercase and Lowercase Letter-Matching Puzzle

Free Printable Uppercase and Lowercase Letter-Matching Puzzle

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This printable uppercase and lowercase letter-matching puzzle is a perfect way for your toddlers and preschoolers to practice an essential early literacy skill: letter recognition.

Uppercase and Lowercase Letter Matching Activity

This activity is perfect for your young learners, as mastering uppercase and lowercase letter recognition is a key pre-reading skill.

This letter match activity will help your child develop and practice their letter recognition skills and encourage them to learn lower and uppercase letters more comfortably and confidently.

The puzzles are made by matching the uppercase and lowercase letters.

This is a hands-on activity for your child that requires them to pay close attention to identify the correct pairs.

This printable upper and lowercase letter puzzle matching activity is easy to use, and you can print it from home as often as you need.

How to Assemble

Let’s talk about what you’ll need to get started. You only need a printer, some sturdy paper (card stock), and scissors.

Once you’ve printed out the activity sheet, it’s time to cut out the letters.

If your child is starting out with letter recognition, you can choose to cut out just a few letters at a time.

For older children, you can cut out the entire set of letters.

Pro tip: Laminate the letters to make them more durable and reusable.

More Ways to Use this Activity

Meet the Letters: Introduce each letter by name and sound.

Build Words: You can have your child use the letters to practice spelling out words.

Incorporate sight words or spelling words. Instead of matching letters, have your child match sight words or spelling words with their corresponding letters.

Uppercase and Lowercase Letter-Matching Puzzle

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Free Printable Uppercase and Lowercase Letter-matching Puzzle

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