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DIY Rainbow Peg Dolls

DIY Rainbow Peg Dolls

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Rainbow peg dolls are a great toy to help kids engage in open-ended and imaginative play. Make your own set of DIY peg dolls with this easy tutorial.

How to Make Rainbow Peg Dolls

Today I am sharing a fun and simple craft for you and your little ones. DIY rainbow peg dolls! I am thrilled with how the rainbow peg dolls turned out. My daughter loves them and plays with them all day. They are a great toy to encourage imaginative and open-ended play. I’ve watched my little girl talk to the dolls, names them, and pretends to read to them.

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Rainbow DIY peg dolls

Keep in mind that you can make the dolls however you’d like to really. Get creative! For instance, you can add facial features or not. It’s really all about preference.

What You Will Need

To make the peg dolls you will, of course, need to purchase unfinished peg dolls. I purchased this set from Amazon. It comes with a total of 40 peg dolls in 5 different shapes. With this one pack of peg dolls, we were able to make a set of rainbow-colored dolls, some really cute storybook themed peg dolls, and we have plenty more to use.

Simple rainbow peg doll craft for kids to complete at home or in classroom.

rainbow DIY peg dolls

We painted the dolls using acrylic paints. I happen to have a ton of acrylic paint that was given to me at a Homedepot kids workshop. My 4 and 6-year-old paint each doll from the neck down. After they completed painting all the peg dolls I then painted a little hat on each of them.

rainbow peg doll
my 4-year-old painting her peg doll

This is a simple craft that can be completed in no time. Because I love the vibrant colors of the dolls, I keep them on display in our learning space.

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