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November Calendar and Coloring Page for Kids

November Calendar and Coloring Page for Kids

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November is such an exciting month for kids. With the holiday season kicking off, November is the perfect time for children to learn about gratitude, family traditions, and the changing seasons.

Besides Thanksgiving, there are many opportunities for fun and educational activities with children throughout the month of November.

One way to keep track of these activities is with our November Calendar and Coloring Page for Kids!

This printable is perfect for homeschool moms and teachers who want to engage their students with seasonal activities while allowing them to practice organizational skills.

Continue to the end of this post to download and print the calendar and coloring page.

November-Themed Coloring Page for Kids

The November-themed coloring page for kids is full of exciting illustrations to get kids excited about the month’s arrival. From turkeys and pumpkins to leaves and cornucopias, there is something for kids to love and color.

The coloring page is also a wonderful resource to use along with your favorite Children’s Books for Fall and Thanksgiving with themes like harvest, fall, and Thanksgiving dinner.

Have kids experiment with different coloring techniques and mediums. They can use crayons, coloring pencils, markers, or pastels to complete the coloring page.

How to Use the November Calendar with Kids

My kids are always thrilled when I give them their blank calendars to fill in at the start of each month. They enjoy filling in the dates and brainstorming what they should add to their calendar.

It gives them a sense of ownership over their time, and encourages them to take initiative and be proactive in their planning. My own children love being able to see their schedule for the entire month and I can tell it helps them learn the value of being prepared.

The calendar section of the printable is designed to be both practical and fun.

Simply download and print the calendar. Then, introduce the calendar to your kid and discuss the number of day in the month. Each day of the month has its own space for you or your child to write down playdates, appointments, special days, and more.

Let them plan their activities, appointments, and assignments, ect on their own. By doing so, you will allow them to have a sense of accountability and responsibility while enjoying the process.

Another idea is to encourage kids to decorate the calendar with stickers or markers, turning it into a colorful display for their room or play area

Important Dates to Remember in November

Printable calendars are a great way to encourage children to track their daily activities, school assignments, and special events. Below are some of the special days that happen in November.

  • Daylight Savings Time
  • U.S. General Election Day*
  • Veteran’s Day
  • Thanksgiving
November Calendar for Kids

November Coloring Page and Calendar

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