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Fun and Effective HOMER Reading App for Kids

Fun and Effective HOMER Reading App for Kids

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Learn how you can use the HOMER Reading App to build reading and literacy skills in young children.

Homer Reading App

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Can you believe we are nearing the fourth quarter of 2020?! This year has no-doubt ushered in a new wave of homeschoolers and a new way of doing life in general. These days, nearly all things are being done virtually. Grocery shopping, work, meetings, bible studies, and more.

One of the wonderful things about this year has been the added time my children and I have had together. We’ve used this time to devour many wonderful children’s books. As a result, my youngest has become more eager to learn to read independently.

With that said, today I am sharing a resource that is perfect for home-learning or learning on the go.

Whether you find yourself working from home while your child does virtual learning, or you are a homeschooling mom looking for educational games, I think you will be interested in HOMER Reading.

What is HOMER Reading?

HOMER Reading is an app that creates personalized learn-to-read plans. The plans are based on your child’s age, reading ability, and interests. Unlike other apps, HOMER grows with your child as they learn.

In my opinion, the HOMER Reading app isn’t idle screen time. I know there are many apps that claim to be educational in nature however, they aren’t. With HOMER, young learners will engage in screen time that is educational and safe.

Speaking of safety, did I mention the HOMER Reading app is ad-free?! We have very limited screen time in our home. Even when I think I’ve found something worth allowing my children to watch or engage with I’m usually unable to because of ads. Many online advertisements are simply inappropriate for young children. You’ll be relieved to know that HOMER Reading App for kids is ad-free.

The HOMER Reading app includes a range of interactive lessons and activities like puzzles, stories, memory games, and more.

I was especially impressed with the selection of stories offered in the storytime section of the app. The type of stories ranges from poetry to folktales like Stone Soup.

How We Use Homer Reading

I like to have my children use letter manipulatives along with the lessons and activities on the HOMER Reading App. My son loves using the moveable letters to built sight words that are displayed on the screen in the app.


Try HOMER for FREE! See for yourself the benefits of this learn-to-read app and decide if it is a good fit for you and your little one.

Signup for a free 30-day trial of HOMER Reading. Once you signup for the free trial you will have access to a 60% off discount. With the discount, you will get a 1-year subscription for just $45!

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