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Free Virtual Schooling with Connections Academy

Free Virtual Schooling with Connections Academy

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Can you believe we are already halfway through 2021?!

It seems almost unreal, but summer break is coming to a fast close, and back-to-school preparations are well underway. Just yesterday, we were learning and working to navigate life with shutdowns, social distancing, and virtual learning.

This post is sponsored by Connections Academy. I was compensated for my time and work. As always, all opinions are my own. Read the full disclosure policy here.

Let’s talk about virtual learning. Because I have been homeschooling my children for several years, I received numerous inquiries from my readers and moms I know personally during the switch to virtual learning last year. They wanted tips and information to help them handle the new territory of learning from home or virtual learning. In fact, I continue to receive inquiries to this day. 

I have been homeschooling my own children since they were preschoolers. I even experienced virtual learning when my middle-school-aged sister, who attends public school, spent substantial time in our home doing virtual learning last year. Speaking with her, I discovered that many students found virtual learning preferable and more beneficial for them. 

Additionally, our local FB group for Homeschoolers is booming with parents seeking information on what options are available to them as it concerns teaching their children virtually. 

For that reason, I am thrilled to share all about Connections Academy with you today. I believe Connections Academy is the solution many of you have been seeking.

What is Connections Academy

Connections Academy offers a full-time, tuition-free online public school for grades K-12.  The curriculum is specially designed for the virtual environment and meets or exceeds national and state standards. It goes beyond academics to focus on social and emotional learning to prepare students for the real world.  

I also want to point out what connections academy is not. Connections Academy is not the virtual learning so many were introduced to in the Spring of 2020. 

Understanding that teachers and administrators alike had to transition their in-person lessons to an online platform rapidly, it is an understatement to say that process came along with several hiccups. 

On the other hand, Connections Academy is public school from home, done right. 

Through years of providing online public schooling, they have developed an efficient program. The program consists of an online curriculum developed by experts, certified teachers who love what they do, and parents who come alongside their children as Learning Coaches.

Is Connections Academy Really Free?

Yes! Connections Academy is 100% tuition-free. All books and learning materials are free and provided for students just as they are for students attending a brick-and-mortar public school.

The only costs are for normal school supplies and voluntary field trips. 

Parental Involvement in Virtual Learning

For some, keeping their children on task and on top of their studies seems daunting initially; however, they quickly learn it is also rewarding and encouraging for them and their children. 

With Connections Academy, parents get a front-row view of their child’s learning, but they are not the child’s teacher. At Connections Academy, the parents, students, and teachers work together.

Connections Academy is a great option if you are a parent who wants to make the shift to at-home learning without the burden of teaching. It affords you the ability to remain active in your child’s learning without the responsibility of planning or teaching.

Parents and teachers work closely together and form a team that encourages and supports the child throughout their learning experience.

As a Learning Coach, you’ll have the best of two worlds. You are able to provide your child with a level of support and guidance that no one else can. You will also get to watch them learn, progress, and succeed.

The specifics of your role will shift as your child grows older, progresses grade levels, and gains more independence.

What About my Child’s Social Engagement?

Contrary to popular opinion, many homeschooled children do have rich and varied social lives. They are active in sports, clubs, and their communities. 

If you are concerned that a virtual approach to learning will be cold and lacking the enrichment of social learning opportunities, I’m here to dispel your alarm. 

In fact, I often speak to homeschooling parents who have considered traditional public school. Many feel the traditional public school model is not the best fit for their child socially. 

Basically, socialization can look differently for individual families, and that’s okay.

Connections Academy provides opportunities for students to meet with their fellow students in LiveLesson sessions, collaborate on school projects, and meet like-minded students in virtual clubs. 

The clubs even offer opportunities for students to compete in contests at local, state, and national levels.

Additionally, students can attend in-person field trips. This brings students together with other students in their area for shared learning experiences. Historical sites, zoos, museums, and the great outdoors are examples of field trips students may take alongside their fellow students, exploring, learning, and having fun together.

Also, the more flexible schedule of doing virtual learning with Connections Academy gives your child time to play sports, pursue art, volunteer, or do anything else they enjoy in their community.

Flexible and Distraction-Free Learning

One of the most obvious benefits of learning from home is the ability for the student to learn in a comfortable and custom environment with a flexible schedule. 

With Connections Academy, students can learn at their own pace, ensuring they never fall behind. 

Teachers and counselors work with students and their parents to put together a flexible schedule that fits the student’s learning style best. With breaks at the right time, students may be able to concentrate better and learn more. 

This ability to learn with a flexible schedule is more conducive for family life than traditional public school in many instances. For families who have unique circumstances, from welcoming a new baby to enduring a serious illness, the flexibility can be a tremendous relief. 

Do you want to make the switch to virtual public school this year? Visit Connections Academy and learn more about how you can start your child with their program.

Free virtual learning with Connections Academy

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Free Virtual Schooling with Connections Academy